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Welcome to the Club!

Gyanesh Mishra
October 30th, 2020 · 4 min read

First things first, Thank You So Much for taking out time and checking out this blog! I am extremely excited to share lots of great information and experiences with you and hope to hear some of yours as well.

Before we move forward I must confess the dog in the picture is not mine and this stock image was used because I promised a friend cute dog pics on this blog.

So, What is the Do Better Club 🤔

The Do Better Club is an online blog documenting habits, decisions, lifestyle changes, activities, and really any action taken towards improving one's life.

I am a tech enthusiast! I love tech! I work in it, I am surrounded by it and I do rely on it for practically everything I do. So naturally I go to it occassionally to find more information or discuss anything on my mind, to see maybe what other people’s experiences are like.

Sooner or later we all figure out that whatever problem we’re facing, “We’re not the only ones”. Whatever you’re going through has been experienced by million others in a million different flavors. That’s not to say your experience of it is not as important! Your experience of it is unique and the pain you’re in is also unique to you but I think it’s important highlight that “you’re not alone”.

Anyway, thanks to the pandemic and having gone through some difficult time last year I was feeling very unsatisfied with life and myself. So, I figured i’d go back to my trusty friend Google and search a few different terms!

How to do better in life?

What is the path to satisfaction?

How can I improve the quality of my life?

Important life milestones?

… and so on.

Honestly most of the advice wasn’t all that bad! Twas a combination of “Make more money”, “Find meaningful relationships”, “Go Travel”, “Start a business”, “Get a mentor” etc. Followed by here’s some generic snippet or list on how you may go about doing that. While I agree some of those would’ve helped, most of them seemed very focused on extrinsic values. They all had a theme of the grind, the chase, the fulfillment by getting something or someone. Now I have seen in my own experience that those things can do soemtimes help and probably improve your overall happiness level and life satisfaction to some extent.

However, I personally find that I ingest information better if it’s related to someone’s experience and are driven by intrinsic values. It is probably the reason I prefer reading non fic and biographies over fun fictional stories or generic self help books. I want to know and relate what situation someone was in, what put them there, and what steps they took to come out to the other side! So I do a bunch of research, read things and experiment with quite a bit of habits and changes.

The value I hope to provide through this blog to readers such as yourself is by documenting my experiences and the “why”, “how”, and “what” behind them. It is very important to me that I can use this blog as a medium to serve others and myself, so if you have any feedback or want to share your story, please reach out to me through either

Instagram or Facebook.

What can you expect ✍

The blog will document any habits I try, books I read, or advices I listen to, backed by data and research for anyone wanting to follow a similar path. I will make sure to add links for any podcasts, blogs, youtube videos, books etc. for those interested. However, my goal will be to summarize information in actionable terms so that you don’t necessarily have to consult those additonal links.

Over time I also hope to have additional media resources to help serve you better. In addition to written blogs, in a few weeks I will be co-launching a podcast focused towards technology and software industry with one of my bestest of friends Nathan Calvank. He also once gave me one of the best mantras for life:

Doing better is a recursive process

To stay true to the message above, I will also be sharing any fallbacks I run into or when I restart a habit or activity because I failed the first/second/n time. To really emphasize the fact that its ok to start over and it’s all part of the process.

My longer term vision for this space is to also document other people’s lives and experiences and have a community driven space so we could all grow and #doBetter together. Again, please reach out on either Instagram or Facebook if you’d like to get in touch.




Final words 🙏

Thank you for making it this far! I can’t give out real cookies here but here’s a virtual one 🍪 I am full of gratitude and happiness that you are here and I hope to write more content that engages you and provides some value.

Bonus: The story behind the name 💭

So this was about over 2 years ago! I was working with 2 of my co-worker turned close friends on a project and everytime we saw something that wasn’t quite right or we wanted to improve on, we’d just tell each other to “Do Better”. It was amazing not only because we had an inside joke and we bonded over it, but most importantly it helped encourage each other to improve without being judgmental or rude to each other.

Even after all this time it has stuck with me like a mantra I repeat to myself multiple times a day. I think the beauty of this mantra for me was that it’s actionable, direct, and not wishy-washy. The mantra wasn’t “things get better”, “it’ll be better”, or any of those variants. You have the authority and the responsibility to make them better by doing something.

So everytime I face an obstacle, want to make a change, or don’t like something in my life, I take a breath, analyze what went wrong and decide to make it better. Over the last few years I’ve changed cities, jobs, lifestyle habits and various aspects of my life.

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